OAC – Staff


Frank McDonough  Frank lives in Orwigsburg, PA with his wife and three children. He is the creator of OAC and the concept behind the online archery challenge and coaching. Frank started archery at the age of 2 years old and progressed through the sport to eventually begin competing at the state level at the age of 9 subsequently winning his first of multiple state titles as well as multiple other regional and national top finishes. Frank competed with a compound but primarily with an Olympic Recurve growing up.  Frank has recently returned to competitive target archery both indoors and outdoors in efforts to further support the sport that he enjoyed so much growing up.

Frank is an avid DIY and self filmed bowhunter. He now runs his own youth archery program in his home town in effort to be an local ambassador for the sport and runs the  world wide online archery challenge competition with the help from his Team Captains and Admins. Frank created the challenge to motivate archers to stay active with their archery, scouting, and hunting activity in the off season to further develop their skills not just for their own sake but our of respect for the animals we pursue.  Franks philosophy is “archery is not the quantity of the shots we take but rather the quality of effort we put behind them”. Frank aims to promote the sport from recruitment of youth archers and new adult archers just the same. Both are as equally important to the future of the sport but more importantly bowhunting.

Frank’s coaching resume goes far beyond archery but archery is where his passion is. His current archery and related accolades include Scholastic 3-D Archery Advanced Coach,  USA Archery Level 3, CrossFit Level 1, and he is also a Bowhunting/ Archery instructor for Penn State University.