Points Validation Review Protocol 

We have many new people every year in OAC, because of the complexity of the competition and the scoring system, this protocol is to be followed for questions on scoring. At any time a competitor is unsure of his/her/ or any points allocated for the OAC  they must comply by the follow steps.  These same steps shall be followed for unsportsmanlike action with in the comments, videos, and communications between competitors.

Note: Shooting Challenge points reviews are limited to the month of the challenge. Once the challenge is over, you cannot as for a points review.  


2.  Screen shot post and PM Team Captain your concerns. Team Captains should review criteria pertaining to the points and make decision on concerns.

2.  If Team Captain is unable to resolve questions or needs further explanation, Team Captain shall report to Frank McD (Competition Director) direct via PM with team member who brought it to attention in group PM.

3. Any points questioned will be subject to review and possibly be denied, requested to resubmit if insufficient until necessary detail is provided. Repeat offenders see #4.

4. Any team member or captain who fails to follow protocol is subject to disciplinary action.  Likewise competitors who submit points that “can not be” validated may be subject to same action as determined by competition director.

  • 1.Warning 
  • 2. 1 month suspension of earning points.
  • 3. Removal from team and loss of all earned points. Team loses roster space for remainder of competition

5. Competition Director has the final decision on all matters officiating over the competition.  Once decision is final it shall not be questioned again.

Validation of attendance: Live feed video, recorded video, or pictures of you shooting on the course or tournament . Must either show score card in video or picture with date. Event flyer with dates, screen shot of event page, or standings to verify attendance. 
Validation: Top 3 finishes will be worth additional points. Validation by posted results from event or picture of trophy and shooter or Screen shots from event page are acceptable showing competitor with awards.

Make sure when submitting points that you leave no question of attendance. Document everything.  

Tournament pre-approval is now available. PM Frank McDonough link to hosting agency FB page. Further info will be needed but will be coordinated with competitors.

Effective 4/2/17

Updated 5/31/17