Competition Procedures

The purpose of this Competition is to promote healthy, challenging, competitive fun with in the sport of archery and bow hunting. We aim to educate and improve the skill of our participants and form a community of archers based on the competition that is OAC. There is no GRAND PRIZE other then bragging rights! We raise money for CADF (Catch-A-Dream Foundation) and support 2% For Conservation as part of one of our challenges and award points to teams based off of successful hunts.

Any actions meant to demean, antagonize, or considers unsportsmanlike and will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action may be delegated including but not limited to removal or forfeited points. Basically watch your P’s and Q’s!

To register – post a video on your personal FB page declaring bow team and showing legal hunting license to your personal page via LIVE FEED or Recording. Then simply share it to OAC or tag us in the post.

Entry Fee Points Bonus: OAC asks competitors for a non-mandatory $5.00 entry fee from each participant when they register. Payable via here I repeat his entry fee is not mandatory at all but it is the first set of 5 points you can earn for your team. As OAC grows our needs grow with it and our group of volunteers and Team Captains work hard. 80% of entry fees is donated to Catch-A-Dream Foundation. This is not a “pay to play” fee by any means, this is just to help secure the future of OAC so we can continue to grow with the needs of its members.

Distance Verification Demo:

Duration: First day of January through last day of December 2017

Challenges: There will be skills challenges during the pre-season and random challenges through out the entire archery challenge worth bonus points. Hunting rigs only. 12″ less stabs. All points must be validated by the animal and valid tag or license being placed in the picture together to show confirmation the animal was taken in 2016 and take by you. I know it’s a PIA but we want to keep the integrity of the challenge as high as possible.

Here is a sample distance verification video. We allow use of range finders which is definitely the easiest but tape measures are acceptable. Most important detail on a recorded video is keep target in view of camera at all times.

Points: (subject to change as we add animals and challenges)

⚠️ Any participants submits illegal points, shoots game out of season, or attempts to pass off game animals as legal harvests will be banned and team points removed from total score. OAC will not support illegal hunting activity and will cooperate 150% with authorities to assist in pursuing charges.

Youth Bonus (Limited 1 per shooter)
-kids are defaulted to mentor/parent/relative team
+ 50 for successful animal hunt (must furnish legal tag or license)
+25 for even attempting a skill challenge

*All animal points must be submitted via picture or video with valid 2015/16 or 2016/17 license or tag IN PICTURE OR VIDEO with animal. Video preferred. Close up of licenses or tags should be posted as well. Updated: 2/23/16

3D Tournament Bonus: Max of 3 per shooter for calendar year!
+10 – 1st tournament
+20 – 2nd tournament
+30 – 3rd tournament
Validation of attendance: Live feed video, recorded video, or pictures of you shooting on the course. Must either show score card in video or picture with date.
Top 3 finish will be worth the following additional points. Validation by posted results from event, picture of trophy and shooter.
1st +20
2nd +10
3rd +5

Vegas Bonus: Shooters will shoot live feed or recorded ends on an official 3 spot or single spot vegas face. No more then 3 arrows per video. One full 600 round may be shot per year.
Target Points – +50 for completed 300 round (10 ends of 3 arrows – 20 yards)
Bowhunter – +75 for completed 300 round (10 ends of 3 arrows – 20 yards)
Each scored “X” will count as additional 5 points per end.
-target verification
-distance verification
-target or hunter class verification (proof of no scope for hunter & measurement of 19′ less stab)

Target Archers Bonus: Max 5  (Proof of tournament, scorecard, pic/video from day of must accompany post) Indoor / Outdoor Shoots Tournaments of any format will be counted
+10 – 1st tournament
+20 – 2nd tournament
+30 – 3rd tournament
+40 – 4th tournament
+50 – 5th tournament

Live video harvest – 50 points

Harvest Video Bonus – 25 points

Ground squirrels / hogs – 3 points
Squirrels – 5 points
Fish – 5 points
Rabbits – 5 points
Muskrat – 5 points
Raccoon – 5 points
Beaver – 5 points
Small game(pheasants, qual, ect) – 10 points
Doe – 10 points
Boar/Hogs – 15 points
Turkey – 15 points (Bonus points for beard length)
Buck – Whitetail, Muley, Antelope, Blacktail, Coues – 20 points (Bonus points available for antlers, inside spread, and length for antelope)
Alligator – 30 points
Coyote – 30 points
Fox – 30
Bobcat – 30
Cow Elk – 35 points
Bull Elk – 50 points (Bonus points for antlers and spread)
Bear – 50 points
Moose – 50 Points (Bonus points for antlers and spread)
Mountain Lion – 50 points

Bonus Points – each scored antler and inside spread will equal one point each (must be video documented)
Example: 10 pointer with 20″ spread = 30 bonus points

*other animals can be added providing we have confirmation of legal hunting, please share your ideas!

Late Registration: hunters may register at any time however kills prior to the day of registration will not count.

Same day registration bow kills will count providing animal tag validates day of kill.

Full roster/lost team member:
Team member leaves challenge points can remain.
Once team hits full roster and would like to add an individual to replace absent team member who is no longer participating all points earned by absent team member are forfeited.

If we reach a full roster of 15 shooters and second team will be started.

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