19.5 Independent Shooting Challenge

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!

As we roll into the next two months before hunting seasons start ramping up the members of OAC become the creator and the decision maker!

19.5 OAC members get to put together their own shooting challenge for the group. You must post your shooting challenge to the group with full details in video or comment.

19.6 OAC SHOOTERS Choice will be a vote based on submissions from the group this entire month!

So bottom line is this month you get creative and at the end of the month we vote for your favorites.

For every shooting challenge submitted your team gets 75 points. For every team member who completes your challenge, your team gets another 50 points.

A poll with all shooting challenge names will be posts 7/31-8/3 to choose the top 3 challenges for August!

When positing your submission: label post

“My 19.5 submission for Team _______ …..”

Good luck everyone!

19.4 Timed Distance and Small Game Challenge

In the 19.4 Timed Distance Challenge competitors must call their shot at 3 distances in one video and keep the video under 3 minutes at the release of the 3rd arrow.  The points vary by distance and the biggest determining factor for video submission to be valid is distance verification and last arrow must be shot by the 3 minute mark of the video.

So a shooter can go from 20-25-30 yards easily and complete this challenge. But they will get limited points because an 8′ circle at 20-30 yards is relatively easy. Points value increases the further you Shoot!

Distances: Your choice

Shots: 3 total with 3rd shot under 3 minute mark

Points: See Points Break Down Here 

TARGET: Download Target Here 

The Small Game Challenge is earn an extra 20 points per small game animal harvested including fish until the end of the month. This challenge is limited to 1 harvest per species.



19.3 Alignment / Trail Cam Challenge

The idea behind this months challenges is to set the tone that we are working on finding ways to be analytical about our shooting form and work toward becoming more accurate and efficient hunters and shooters.

The second part is a month long Trail Cam Challenge that allows you to net harvest points for your scouting work. Put your trail cameras out ASAP!

Part 1 – 19.4 Alignment Challenge:

Below is the guide to holding positions. You must get a friend, use a selfie stick, tripod or rig up some way to take a video of your full draw cycle from above. The angle should be from directly above head likely 2-4′. Make sure that we can see your bow hand and tip of your draw elbow in the video.

You earn 100 points for just doing this challenge. The goal is to reinforce good technique and identify potential deficiencies.

You do not have to make any changes what so ever to your shooting form. We just want to reinforce in OAC what is being taught to the best archers across the country.

What to look for:

– Shoulders parallel to arrow

– tip of draw elbow inline with arrow

— Head remains between shoulders

– Head does not move into anchor

– bow arm straight and stable (not bent)

Part 2 – Trail Cam Challenge:

The entire month of May you can earn harvest points for scouting. The final pic are due the last day of the month by midnight. Date and time must be updated in camera for them to count.

Obviously we aren’t giving bonus points for antlers on bucks, just the standard harvest points. However if you get multiple species in a pic you can submit that for full points. Deer, turkey, squirrel in one pic, get points for all three.

Don’t forget your OAC sign! Check out some of these oldie but goodies! Some of you may recognize these pics!

19.2 Turkey Shot Challenge

With the difficulty in not having the same game animals where all of our competitors are it can be tough to capitalize on harvest points when you can’t really hunt turkeys.

With this challenge we will be awarding points for multiple turkey related archery endeavors. The name of the game is “PRACTICE” and actively honing our skill. This 3 step challenge must be done in order to achieve all the points.

The Challenge:

Step #1 Record or live feed a 3 arrow practice session of your choice prepping for turkey season. Be creative, have fun with it. Explain why you’re practicing the way you are.

Points: +10 Recorded +15 Live feed

Step #2 Record or live feed shooting at a paper, 2D or 3D turkey target. Printable target below works as well. A successful attempt on one of these targets will result in harvest points. “Successful” described as hitting the vital area of the target as per scoring rings. Points earned on scoring rings will be added to harvest points (10 or 8 rings) *Post to step #1 video in comments.

Points: Harvest +20 & Scoring Ring 10 or 8 of vital area. DCap Shot counts as +10 as well. +5 if shot on live feed.

Step #3 Record or live feed a broad head practice session in preparation for turkey. *Post to Step #1 video in comments.

Points: +10 Recorded +15 Live Feed

Click here for OAC Turkey Target.

Here is a great video on how to make you’re own turkey 3D with a decoy and spray foam. Sure it’s not the best option but a $5 can of spray foam and a soft decoy that is still a usable after a few arrows will get the job done! Click here to see how to make one yourself!

19.1 3 – Spot Walk Back Challenge

As we approach the spring with turkey season just around the corner, a combination of indoor/outdoor skills are adopted into the 3SWB! We combine skills of aim small miss small, option to simulate the seated position of a shooting blind, and distance to check your accuracy.

Dates: 3/1/19-3/31/19

Shots: 3 arrows

Target: Competitors will be shooting a standard 40cm 3 Spot Target for this challenge. We can send you a target for a small fee if you do not have access to them. Mark target according to shooting class.

Click Here –> Score & Distance Sheet: <– Click Here

X = 5 points (X size changes per class and distance)

We are crowing competitor that accumulates the highest score! Scoring position tracked on link above.

Shooting Process:

1 Set Up shooting range , double check distance. Write score menu on target for reference, include shooting class.

2 Start Camera at Target and verify spots marked for distance.

3 Walk to first shooting position and verify distance

4 Shoot arrow – keep target and shooter (during shot) in video at all times.

*At this point on recorded video, you can end video and start over for second position. Do not pull arrow. You do not have to verify target again, you can start directly from shooting position. POST ADDITIONAL RECORDED VIDEOS TO COMMENTS

5. Repeat Steps 3 – 4 Position #2 (You can shut off camera if you choose – post video to comments)

6. Repeat Steps 3-4 Position #3 (Do not shut off camera)

7. Walk up and Score all 3 arrows making sure target remains in frame at all times.

Congrats you’ve completed 19.1!

*Live feed bonus is only valid if all three distances shot on live feed

The P.R. Shooting Bonus

Effective today Monday 2/11/19 Points are eligible to be earned in all formats starting with The P.R. Shooting Bonus. The goal is for competitors to set a personal record using a scoring matrix as measurement. Bonus points are available in other formats also but for every format you shoot a PR must be established first in that format.

In our quest to grow archery we will be highlighting shooting bonuses throughout the year focused around archery organizations that have a positive impact on the sport and more specifically youth archery.  This first opportunity will include using the USA Archery Adult Junior Olympic Archery Development Scoring Matrix.  The goal with the scoring matrix is to find your PR and shoot for beating that PR all year-long in both indoor and outdoor archery events.

How to earn pins and lanyards – see the outdoor and indoor scoring matrix with details on equipment used and what score you need. Competitors who shoot official USA Archery indoor/outdoor competitions will be eligible to earn pins and lanyard if they can provide a copy of their official scorecard from the event,  official results, and proof of membership to USA Archery.  Email them to grasshollowarchery@gmail.com. You must become a  member of Grass Hollow Archery in order to earn your pins and lanyards. If you join USA Archery, pick GHA as your club. Upon shooting an official sanctioned USA Archery event you can make your way through the matrix. Pins will cost $20 and that includes lanyard, shipping, pin, and GHA membership. The pins are NOT A REQUIREMENT of the competition.  We just want to offer it as an option so you can earn achievements for your hard work.

The PR Bonus will be available for 3D archery also. You must first establish a personal record on the season at an officially registered tournament for a local, state or national organization. (IE: USA Archey, NFAA, IBO, ASA) Proof of organization is necessary. Local league shoots can count but published results must be available to provide verification of official score.

PR Bonus Check list:

  • Verify organization
  • Provide official scorecard
  • Provide official results
  • Provide proof of membership
  • Verify Scoring Format
  • Verify Personal Record


Membership Points: The points earned for your organizational membership is based on your the cost for an individual membership fee. If your annual membership dues are $25, you simply earn 25 points.  You must post a screen shot of the proof of membership and verify cost.

PR Points: After establishing  your own personal record (Indoor, Outdoor, 3D) you can earn points by beating that number in an officially registered tournament.  You earn 20 points for simply establishing the PR. You earn 50 points for every time you break your own PR.

Matrix Points: Shoot an official round according to the distances and target size according to the matrix to establish your PR. The Vegas bonus shooting bonus will count to establish your PR for indoor but you must count your X’s and keep both the Vegas scoring and USA Archery inner 10 scoring. The Matrix bonus is available to anyone but because not everyone may have access to USA Archery sanctioned events, you can earn them on your own via video or live feed.  Targets are available for each competitor for a small fee. We will ship them to you. Competitors will earn +20 for establishing their PR and +50 for breaking their PR.

2019 OAC Rules and Points Breakdown

Click HERE: 2019 Leader Board

The purpose of this competition is to promote healthy, challenging, competitive fun with in the sport of archery and bow hunting. We aim to educate and improve the skill of our participants and form a community of archers based on the competition that is OAC. There is no GRAND PRIZE other then bragging rights!

The primary goal is to keep bowhunters motivated to shoot and continue working on their archery skills year round!
Each person registered must post a video on the Event Wall stating name, bowhunting team they represent, and provide proof of 2018/2019 license for spring turkey challenge. 2018/19 valid state hunting license before posting harvest points. Team Roster Cap is 15 shooters! If you wish to participate and do no thave a team simply follow the registration requirments and advise other teams that you are looking for a team or contact Frank McDonough about starting one yourself.

Duration: First day of January through last day of December 2019

Challenges: There will be skills challenges during the pre-season and random challenges through out the entire archery challenge worth bonus points. Hunting rigs only. 20″ less stabs. All points must be validated by the animal and valid tag or license being placed in the picture together to show confirmation the animal was taken in 2018 and taken by you. I know it’s a PIA but we want to keep the integrity of the challenge as high as possible.
Points: (subject to change as we add animals and challenges)

⚠️ Any participants submits illegal points, shoots game out of season, or attempts to pass off game animals as legal harvests will be banned and team points removed from total score. OAC will not support illegal hunting activity and will cooperate 150% with authorities to assist in pursuing charges.

Registration Steps:
1. Fill out waiver here: https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/58ba9a2a73ead/web/ +10 points
2. Post video stating name, state, and which bow team you want to represent. Include legal hunting license in video or post pic to comments of video prior to any animal challenge or animal harvest. + 20 points

Target: Some 3D Targets will be used or downloadable targets along with the Standard 40 cm singe sport or 3 spot vegas face. Here are links to printable versions of the targets or you can use over the counter versions bought from your local archery shop.


Shooting / Trail Camera Challenge Points:

19.1 March – PR Shooting Challenge – Record a 60 arrow scoring round via Archery Abroad, local tournament, or state competition and beat your score in practice get PR points. See link to 19.2 web page for details.

19.2 April – Indoor Tournament Challenge / Turkey Harvest Challenge

19.3 May – 3D Shoot Challenge / Trail Camera

19.4 June – Small Game Harvest / Shooting Challenge

19.5 July – 3D Shoot Challenge / Trail Camera

19.6 August – Big Game Shooting Challenge (Multi Distance)

Youth Bonus (Limited 1 per shooter per year)
-kids are defaulted to mentor/parent/relative team unless requested otherwise
+ 50 for successful animal hunt (must furnish legal tag or license)
+25 for even attempting a skill challenge
*All animal points must be submitted via picture or video with valid 2016/17 license or tag IN PICTURE OR VIDEO with animal. Video preferred. Close up of licenses or tags should be posted as well.
*A youth bonus can be a fostered participant or not. Because only one youth bonus is allowed per shooter the goal for youth bonus is recruitment and getting kids to participate.

Volunteer – Conservation Bonus:
Earn points for volunteering, buying your hunting license, and other positive interactions that leave a positive effect on Bowhunting and archery. Points are available for club memberships, organization memberships such as IBO, ASA, NFAA, USA ARCHERY, S3DA, Ect

Vegas Bonus: Shooters will shoot recorded ends on an official 3 spot or single spot vegas face. No more then 3 arrows per video.

Live Feed Bonus – +25 points for shooting your Vegas Bonus on live feed.

Target Points – +50 for completed 600 round (20 ends of 3 arrows – 20 yards)

Bowhunter – +75 for completed 600 round (20 ends of 3 arrows – 20 yards)

Barebow/Trad – +100 for completed 600 round (20 ends of 3 arrows – 20 yards)

Each scored “X” will count as additional 5 points per end.

Target Archers Bonus: (Paper Spot tournament 3 or 5 Spot is acceptable)  (Proof of tournament, scorecard, pic/video from day of must accompany post) Indoor / Outdoor Shoots Tournaments of any format will be counted
+5 – 1st tournament
+10 – 2nd tournament
+15 – 3rd tournament
+20 – 4th tournament
+25 – 5th tournament

3D Tournament Bonus: (3D Foam Or Paper Animal tournament) Proof of tournament, scorecard, pic/video from day of must accompany post
+10 – 1st tournament
+20 – 2nd tournament
+30 – 3rd tournament
+40 – 4th tournament
+50 – 5th tournament

Podium Bonus: Live feed video, recorded video, or pictures of you shooting on the course. Must either show score card in video with date. Proof of standings for tournament must be verified. (Screen shot, PDF, FB post, website all viable)
Top 3 finish will be worth the following additional points. Validation by posted results from event, picture of trophy and shooter.
3D & Target Tournaments:
1st +50
2nd +25
3rd +10

Competition Bonus:
This bonus awards the competition archer for their hard work and dedication to the sport and their team. We know that traveling to shoot big tournaments can be very costly and time consuming. We also know that competition archery albiet target, field, 3D or any form makes you a better bowhunter. Therefore big points will be awarded to team members who attend State, National, or World archery events:
*Competitors must document the event via video and show proof of regsitration to get points.
State Level Tournament: 50 points
National Level Tournament: 100 points
World Comeption: 200 points

Points Menu:
Waiver – 10 points
Registration Video -20 points
Volunteer / Conservation Bonus – +10 (Each)
Vegas Bonus – +50 Open Class +75 Bowhunter + 5 Points Per X recorded

Target Archers Bonus – +10-+50 Points
3D Bonus – +10 – +50 Points

Podium Bonus – +10 – +50

Competition Bonus – +50 – +200

19.1 3 Spot Challenge – 15 yard Downloadable 3 Spot Target – 300 point max

Harvest Points:
Live video harvest – 50 points (1 per animal)
Harvest Video Bonus – 25 points (1 per animal)
Fair Chase Harvest Points: (Tag or proof of harvest reporting must be provided for big game)
Ground squirrels  Ground hogs – .25 per animal
Squirrels – 1 point
Fish/Frogs/Turtles – 1 point
Rabbits – 5 points.
Muskrat – 5 points
Raccoon – 5 points
Beaver – 5 points
Small game(pheasants, qual, ect) – 10 points
Waterfowl – 10 points
Doe – 15 points
Boar/Hogs – 20 points
Turkey – 20 points
Buck – Whitetail, Muley, Antelope, Blacktail, Coues – 20 points
Alligator – 40 points
Coyote – 50 points
Fox – 40
Bobcat – 40
Cow Elk – 45 points
Impala – 45
Bull Elk – 60 points
Sable – 50 points
Giraffe – 50 points
Bear – 7 points
Moose – 50 Points
Mountain Lion – 75 points
Cape Buffalo -75 Points
*animals shot on African hunting concessions will count as fair chase

High Fence / Exotics Points
Hogs: 10
Deer/Goats: 15
*other animals can be added providing we have confirmation of legal hunting, please share your ideas!

Points Review & Validation Protocol for competitors- https://onlinearcherycomps.com/competition-procedures/validation-review-protocol/

Any words or action displayed in what is considered as demeaning, unsportsmanlike, or inappropriate manner will be deleted. The ban Hammer will eliminate you and your team points as well other online Admins will be made well aware of your shenanigans. There is Zero tolerance here, know that!
Competition brings out the best and worst in people. Let it bring out your best at OAC!
⚠️ Any participants submits illegal points, shoots game out of season, or attempts to pass off game animals as legal harvests will be banned and team points removed from total score. OAC will not support illegal hunting activity and will cooperate 150% with authorities to assist in pursuing charges.

Late Registration: hunters may register at any time however kills prior to the day of registration will not count. Same day registration bow kills will count providing animal tag validates day of kill. All other points must documented before registration video posted.

Full roster/lost team member:
Team member leaves challenge points can remain.
Once team hits full roster and would like to add an individual to replace absent team member who is no longer participating all points earned by absent team member are forfeited.

If we reach a full roster of 10 shooters and second team will be started.

Disclaimer: Online archery challenge is not responsible for a lost, broken, or damage equipment or bodily injure incurred during the shooting of a challenge video.