19.5 Independent Shooting Challenge

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!

As we roll into the next two months before hunting seasons start ramping up the members of OAC become the creator and the decision maker!

19.5 OAC members get to put together their own shooting challenge for the group. You must post your shooting challenge to the group with full details in video or comment.

19.6 OAC SHOOTERS Choice will be a vote based on submissions from the group this entire month!

So bottom line is this month you get creative and at the end of the month we vote for your favorites.

For every shooting challenge submitted your team gets 75 points. For every team member who completes your challenge, your team gets another 50 points.

A poll with all shooting challenge names will be posts 7/31-8/3 to choose the top 3 challenges for August!

When positing your submission: label post

“My 19.5 submission for Team _______ …..”

Good luck everyone!