19.4 Timed Distance and Small Game Challenge

In the 19.4 Timed Distance Challenge competitors must call their shot at 3 distances in one video and keep the video under 3 minutes at the release of the 3rd arrow.  The points vary by distance and the biggest determining factor for video submission to be valid is distance verification and last arrow must be shot by the 3 minute mark of the video.

So a shooter can go from 20-25-30 yards easily and complete this challenge. But they will get limited points because an 8′ circle at 20-30 yards is relatively easy. Points value increases the further you Shoot!

Distances: Your choice

Shots: 3 total with 3rd shot under 3 minute mark

Points: See Points Break Down Here 

TARGET: Download Target Here 

The Small Game Challenge is earn an extra 20 points per small game animal harvested including fish until the end of the month. This challenge is limited to 1 harvest per species.