19.3 Alignment / Trail Cam Challenge

The idea behind this months challenges is to set the tone that we are working on finding ways to be analytical about our shooting form and work toward becoming more accurate and efficient hunters and shooters.

The second part is a month long Trail Cam Challenge that allows you to net harvest points for your scouting work. Put your trail cameras out ASAP!

Part 1 – 19.4 Alignment Challenge:

Below is the guide to holding positions. You must get a friend, use a selfie stick, tripod or rig up some way to take a video of your full draw cycle from above. The angle should be from directly above head likely 2-4′. Make sure that we can see your bow hand and tip of your draw elbow in the video.

You earn 100 points for just doing this challenge. The goal is to reinforce good technique and identify potential deficiencies.

You do not have to make any changes what so ever to your shooting form. We just want to reinforce in OAC what is being taught to the best archers across the country.

What to look for:

– Shoulders parallel to arrow

– tip of draw elbow inline with arrow

— Head remains between shoulders

– Head does not move into anchor

– bow arm straight and stable (not bent)

Part 2 – Trail Cam Challenge:

The entire month of May you can earn harvest points for scouting. The final pic are due the last day of the month by midnight. Date and time must be updated in camera for them to count.

Obviously we aren’t giving bonus points for antlers on bucks, just the standard harvest points. However if you get multiple species in a pic you can submit that for full points. Deer, turkey, squirrel in one pic, get points for all three.

Don’t forget your OAC sign! Check out some of these oldie but goodies! Some of you may recognize these pics!

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