19.2 Turkey Shot Challenge

With the difficulty in not having the same game animals where all of our competitors are it can be tough to capitalize on harvest points when you can’t really hunt turkeys.

With this challenge we will be awarding points for multiple turkey related archery endeavors. The name of the game is “PRACTICE” and actively honing our skill. This 3 step challenge must be done in order to achieve all the points.

The Challenge:

Step #1 Record or live feed a 3 arrow practice session of your choice prepping for turkey season. Be creative, have fun with it. Explain why you’re practicing the way you are.

Points: +10 Recorded +15 Live feed

Step #2 Record or live feed shooting at a paper, 2D or 3D turkey target. Printable target below works as well. A successful attempt on one of these targets will result in harvest points. “Successful” described as hitting the vital area of the target as per scoring rings. Points earned on scoring rings will be added to harvest points (10 or 8 rings) *Post to step #1 video in comments.

Points: Harvest +20 & Scoring Ring 10 or 8 of vital area. DCap Shot counts as +10 as well. +5 if shot on live feed.

Step #3 Record or live feed a broad head practice session in preparation for turkey. *Post to Step #1 video in comments.

Points: +10 Recorded +15 Live Feed

Click here for OAC Turkey Target.

Here is a great video on how to make you’re own turkey 3D with a decoy and spray foam. Sure it’s not the best option but a $5 can of spray foam and a soft decoy that is still a usable after a few arrows will get the job done! Click here to see how to make one yourself!


19.1 3 – Spot Walk Back Challenge

As we approach the spring with turkey season just around the corner, a combination of indoor/outdoor skills are adopted into the 3SWB! We combine skills of aim small miss small, option to simulate the seated position of a shooting blind, and distance to check your accuracy.

Dates: 3/1/19-3/31/19

Shots: 3 arrows

Target: Competitors will be shooting a standard 40cm 3 Spot Target for this challenge. We can send you a target for a small fee if you do not have access to them. Mark target according to shooting class.

Click Here –> Score & Distance Sheet: <– Click Here

X = 5 points (X size changes per class and distance)

We are crowing competitor that accumulates the highest score! Scoring position tracked on link above.

Shooting Process:

1 Set Up shooting range , double check distance. Write score menu on target for reference, include shooting class.

2 Start Camera at Target and verify spots marked for distance.

3 Walk to first shooting position and verify distance

4 Shoot arrow – keep target and shooter (during shot) in video at all times.

*At this point on recorded video, you can end video and start over for second position. Do not pull arrow. You do not have to verify target again, you can start directly from shooting position. POST ADDITIONAL RECORDED VIDEOS TO COMMENTS

5. Repeat Steps 3 – 4 Position #2 (You can shut off camera if you choose – post video to comments)

6. Repeat Steps 3-4 Position #3 (Do not shut off camera)

7. Walk up and Score all 3 arrows making sure target remains in frame at all times.

Congrats you’ve completed 19.1!

*Live feed bonus is only valid if all three distances shot on live feed