The P.R. Shooting Bonus

Effective today Monday 2/11/19 Points are eligible to be earned in all formats starting with The P.R. Shooting Bonus. The goal is for competitors to set a personal record using a scoring matrix as measurement. Bonus points are available in other formats also but for every format you shoot a PR must be established first in that format.

In our quest to grow archery we will be highlighting shooting bonuses throughout the year focused around archery organizations that have a positive impact on the sport and more specifically youth archery.  This first opportunity will include using the USA Archery Adult Junior Olympic Archery Development Scoring Matrix.  The goal with the scoring matrix is to find your PR and shoot for beating that PR all year-long in both indoor and outdoor archery events.

How to earn pins and lanyards – see the outdoor and indoor scoring matrix with details on equipment used and what score you need. Competitors who shoot official USA Archery indoor/outdoor competitions will be eligible to earn pins and lanyard if they can provide a copy of their official scorecard from the event,  official results, and proof of membership to USA Archery.  Email them to You must become a  member of Grass Hollow Archery in order to earn your pins and lanyards. If you join USA Archery, pick GHA as your club. Upon shooting an official sanctioned USA Archery event you can make your way through the matrix. Pins will cost $20 and that includes lanyard, shipping, pin, and GHA membership. The pins are NOT A REQUIREMENT of the competition.  We just want to offer it as an option so you can earn achievements for your hard work.

The PR Bonus will be available for 3D archery also. You must first establish a personal record on the season at an officially registered tournament for a local, state or national organization. (IE: USA Archey, NFAA, IBO, ASA) Proof of organization is necessary. Local league shoots can count but published results must be available to provide verification of official score.

PR Bonus Check list:

  • Verify organization
  • Provide official scorecard
  • Provide official results
  • Provide proof of membership
  • Verify Scoring Format
  • Verify Personal Record


Membership Points: The points earned for your organizational membership is based on your the cost for an individual membership fee. If your annual membership dues are $25, you simply earn 25 points.  You must post a screen shot of the proof of membership and verify cost.

PR Points: After establishing  your own personal record (Indoor, Outdoor, 3D) you can earn points by beating that number in an officially registered tournament.  You earn 20 points for simply establishing the PR. You earn 50 points for every time you break your own PR.

Matrix Points: Shoot an official round according to the distances and target size according to the matrix to establish your PR. The Vegas bonus shooting bonus will count to establish your PR for indoor but you must count your X’s and keep both the Vegas scoring and USA Archery inner 10 scoring. The Matrix bonus is available to anyone but because not everyone may have access to USA Archery sanctioned events, you can earn them on your own via video or live feed.  Targets are available for each competitor for a small fee. We will ship them to you. Competitors will earn +20 for establishing their PR and +50 for breaking their PR.