Earn harvest points for your trail cam pics for a 48 hr period starting at midnight Saturday 12:00am 6/23 and ending 11:59pm 6/24. All photos must be submitted by July 2 which gives competitors a full week to pull cards.

Each shooter can submit one photo for the 48 hour period. Points for one animal. Photos must clearly show date, time, and OAC sign. Yes a sign saying OAC , team name, etc must be in trail cam photo or no Bueno!

If your photo has multiple animals in the picture, you will get kill points for the highest value animal. +5 for an attempt to put out trail cam and posting sign even if you don’t get any animals in the photo.

In order to count the points and prove they are your pics you must post a sign that has “Team _______ ” and “OAC” on it that is in view of your trail cam. you can earn 5 points alone for attempting the challenge by posting a trail cam photo with correct date with sign in photo.

“Team GHA – OAC”

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