18.4 Long Shot Challenges

We are going to push the envelope a little earlier this year on distance! The 18.4 LSC is a qualification based challenge that requires competitors to repeat the same shot regardless of distance and depth perception. There is no question that shooting longer distances makes your short game a million times better.


Attempt: +5 each distance

Live Feed: +5 @20, +15@30, +20@40, +25@50, +30@60,+35@70,+40@80

Scored arrow – must be touching the black 8″ dot. +10 each successful attempt

Bowhunter Bonus: +5 per distance (Successful attempt only)


– 1 arrow each distance per video – 20,30,40,50,60,70,80

-announce name, team, and challenge

-verify distance via range finder or tape measure for closer distances

– make sure target and competitor are in camera frame at all times during shots, after shooting and during walk up target must remain in camera frame

– announce hit or miss on target

– one arrow per video

– must shoots distances successfully in order move on to next distance