18.2 Announcement – No Sights, No problem

How in the Sam H  – E Double hockey stick am I supposed to shoot a trad bow? Listen you don’t have to go out and get a trad bow to do this challenge. This one will make you conentrate on that anchor point like there is no tomorow!

The #tradbowchallenge is a 5 yard shooting challenge at the standard 40cm single spot. This challenge is a scored challenge but you must remove your sight or shoot any bow with out a sight. Prefereablly a main competition or hunting bow so you can concentrate on your release and anchor point with out the pressure of aiming. We want to challenge your instincts a bit for the month of March before we step back to further distances in the upcoing months.

What’s the carry over? Maybe Frank lost his mind 🤪 I’ve lost my conscious mind but not my sub-conscious mind 😉 Read further!

The carry over is …..no matter where these arrows hit, it will identify if you arent hitting a consistent anchor point each time and reinforces using your subconscnous mind to do the aiming and not relying on physical aiming abilities.

“The subconscious mind is like a child. It learns from experience. I like to break my shot down without worrying about aiming. I will blind-bale shoot at 5-yards and only focus on form and making the perfect shot. (Let me clarify, I’m not really blind-bale shooting because I keep my eyes open, but I place a piece of tape over my sight so I am not focused on aiming.) You want to be careful here, because you are instilling habits into your muscle memory, and habits can be good and bad. Make sure you have a solid understanding of proper archery form. 

I go as far as to make sure my stance is shoulder-width apart, so I’m keeping the weight over the top of my hips. Once I come to full draw, I want a slight bend (Not bent, not hyperextended either) in my elbow and settle into my anchor points. I expand my chest and use back tension to hold the bow at full draw while I aim. This relaxes all the other muscles of the upper body and is more stable. I pretend I am mashing a ball between my shoulder blades. When releasing an arrow, I always pull through the shot. I don’t want to become static on the release or collapse on the shot. I want to always pull through it.”  ~T-Bone, Bone Collector

Travis TBone Turner – The Mind of An Archer – READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


  • Attempt = 10 points
  • Live Feed = 25 points
  • 3 ends of Scored Arrows (9 shots total) = 30 point max per end – standard scoring 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Grouping ( measure inside arrow to inside arrow at furthest point)
    • 1 – 3″  = 10 points
    • 4 – 6″  = 5 points
    • 7 – 10″ = 3 points

Video Requirments:

  • distance verification via tape or range finder
  • make sure target stays in frame at all times
  • 3 valid 3 arrow end video submissions
  • Tape measure or ruler to measure arrow grouping.


  1. Verify distance and shooting line
  2. set up camera to have you and the target in view during all three shots
  3. Shoot your three arrows
  4. Walk up to target keeping target in frame at all times
  5. Score arrows verbally and make sure you take pictures of any to close to call via video arrows to help with socre validation by Frank

Part 2: Paper Tune Bonus Challenge

Once you complete the three ends of scoring the trad bow challenge you may complete the paper tune Challenge.

Shoot one bare shaft and one fletched arrow from 5-6′ begins paper. Shoot your shots and verify width or height of the tear with a ruler or tape measure.

What you really need to do is read this awesome article on paper tuning from our friends at Lancaster Archery Supply!


Attempt = 20 points

Bare shaft Arrow hole less than 1″ = 10 points

Bare shaft Arrow hole less than 2″ = 5 points

Bare shaft Arrow hole breather than 2.1″ = 3 points

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