Say what about the next challenge?

So here is a little hint from the man himself Travis “T-Bone” Turner and a qoute from his article in Easton bowhuting about The Mind of an Archer.

What do you think will be the next challenge? Bet ya can’t guess!

“The subconscious mind is like a child. It learns from experience. I like to break my shot down without worrying about aiming. I will blind-bale shoot at 5-yards and only focus on form and making the perfect shot. (Let me clarify, I’m not really blind-bale shooting because I keep my eyes open, but I place a piece of tape over my sight so I am not focused on aiming.) You want to be careful here, because you are instilling habits into your muscle memory, and habits can be good and bad. Make sure you have a solid understanding of proper archery form. 

I go as far as to make sure my stance is shoulder-width apart, so I’m keeping the weight over the top of my hips. Once I come to full draw, I want a slight bend (Not bent, not hyperextended either) in my elbow and settle into my anchor points. I expand my chest and use back tension to hold the bow at full draw while I aim. This relaxes all the other muscles of the upper body and is more stable. I pretend I am mashing a ball between my shoulder blades. When releasing an arrow, I always pull through the shot. I don’t want to become static on the release or collapse on the shot. I want to always pull through it.” 

~T-Bone, Bone Collector


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