18.3 Turkey DCap Challenge

So it’s turkey season and we know that there is multiple ways to take a turkey down for the count! We promised a fun turkey challenge, so here it is. Keep in mind the goal and points for this challenge are awarded for would be lethal turkey shots.

As always make sure you verify distance. Likewise verify target as well.

The goal here is a kill shot only but that kill shot can consist of a body shot in the scoring rings of the turkey or a head shot.

Acceptable targets:

Downloadable head shot Here

Full body 2D paper/plastic turkey targets or 3D targets are acceptable.


Attempt – 10 points @ Full Body (2D/3D), 20 @ Head

Distance – 10 points @ 10-19, 20 points @ 20-29, 30 points @ 30+ (Distance only awarded on successful attempts)

Inside Out head shot = 20 points (arrow shaft must be fully inside head) – or – 8 ring and in on a regular 2D/3D target.

Hunter Bonus:

+20 points for scored arrows with a broad head.

+15 points for using a bowhunter rig.

Must verify before shot it is a broadhead.

Shot Attempts : 3 total submitted shots but must be one at a time on video. You will not get scores for three consecutive arrows in same target.

Target Download