The 17.3 OnCore Targets Shooting Challenge is…


The 17.3 Shooting challenge is sponsored by OnCore Targets. This challenge will award points for practice, distance, precision, and live feed attempts.

OnCore targets are also sponsoring a team prize for the winning team with the most accumulated points. The prize will be a 3 pack per team member consisting of one deer and two smaller targets.

The 17.3 OnCore Targets Shooters Challenge is…

1 videoed or live feed shot at 3 separate distances at any nice targets deer target or standard 3D target. 3D target must be pre-approved by Frank for size verification if you do not have NiceTargets or OnCore.

Shooting Challenge Scoring:

Practice ✔️

Live feed ✔️

Distance ✔️

Vital ✔️

Practice points:  Simply earn points for videoed or live feed practice ends. Max of 3 arrows and 3 ends at either one or multiple distances. The objective is to practice at or longer then the distances you plan to shoot for the challenge. You are basically getting points for attempts for these practice ends so the video requirements are not as stringent.

1st Practice End – 5 points (Post this Practice End video by June 10 to OAC and you must tag OnCore Targets on Facebook to be entered into the OnCore Targets Giveaway)

2nd Practice End – 10 points

3rd Practice End – 15 points

*The only video requirement for practice ends is you must verify distance for practice ends, these are basically attempt points and we want to see you shooting.

Distances and Points  Per Succesful Attempt:

Vital Points = +20 for a vital shot inside 8 ring on any OnCore, McKenzie, Rinehart, or NiceTargets big game target or whitetail, mule, antelope, ram, bear or other mid – large size animal 3D targets.  *No XL 3Ds like Moose, elk, caribou, buffalo, ect other targets can be approved for this challenge by Frank. Simply PM with questions.

Live Feed Bonus Points (Per Scoresble Shot, does not apply for practice ends) = +10

Distance Points: 1 shot at 3 separate distances. We recommend making 3 separate videos with 3 separate distance verifications and shot following the distance verification.

Shooting Classes & Scoring:

Open /Bowhunter / Trad / Youth 12-15/ 11U

80 yards = O-40 / B-45 / T-50 / 15U-55 / No 11U

70  yards = O-40 / B-45 / T-50 / 15U-55 / No 11U

60 yards = O-35 / B-40 /  T-45 / 15U-50 / No 11U

50 yards = O-30 /B- 40 / T-45 / 15U-50 / 11U – 55

40 yards = O-30 / B-35 /  T-40 / 15U-45 / 11U-50

30 yards = O-25 /  B-30 / T-35 / 15U-40 / 11U-45

20 yards = O-20 / B-25 / T-35 / 15-40 / 11U-45

10 yards = O-20 / B-25 / T-30 / 15U-35 / 11U-40

Example: Open Class

17.3 – Completed three practice ends = +30

1st Shot: live feed +10,  hit vital +20, 30 yards +25 = +55 Total

2nd Shot: live feed +10, missed vital +0,  60 yards +35  = +45 Total

3rd Shot Recorded – 80 yards = 40  Missed vital – 0 points

17.3 Toal = 170 points



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