17.1 Bonus Challenge Announced 

The 17.1 Bonus Challenge will run the month of April. Only competitors who completed 17.1 blind bale/turkey shot Challenge by 3/31/17 will be eligible to earn points. 

The 17.1 Bonus is 16.1 but we stretched it out, change scoring, and added youth, traditional, and open distances. 

Time – 30 days 4/1-4/31/17

Shots – 4

Points: 10 points for attempt and 20 points (5 per arrow in vital) and +5 point bonus for all four in vital (8 ring) = 35 potential 

Bowhunter – 2 shots at 35 yards and 2 shots at 25 yards from a 5 gallon bucket or on your knees. 

Open: Distance 40 yards and 30 yards – points breakdown remains same.

Traditional: Distance 25 yard and 15 yard – points breakdown remains same. 

Youth (12 and younger) – open/Bowhunter

Distance – 20 yards and 10 yards  

Target – NiceTargets turkey or file located in OAC group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1651050041794917/1924025041164081/

Distance verification – range finder or tape measure is sufficient. Show distance just before shooting. 

Shoot 2 shots at 35 yards, walk up and shoot 2 shots at 25 yards all four from knees or sitting on 5 gallon bucket

Walk to target keeping target in camera frame at all time and score arrows. Show close up arrows touching lines if necessary.

Good luck and be safe!


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