17.1 Shooters Challenge by Dynamic Custom Strings

As an archery coach I think one of the most underutilized drills in archery is the blind bale. This is a short distance, no pressure, form only, mental silence, act of shooting in pure blackness.  I think one of the reasons it’s not used by bowhunters and a lot of target shooters often enough is because it’s boring and monotonous. Joe Blow off the street who buys a bow at the local big box or pro-shop doesn’t automatically get tips or drills on a little “How To Be Good At Archery” flyer.  You “Cach Me OAC”?

Well with 17.1 we aim to please 😉 Get it? Actually we won’t be aiming at all technically or at least not for more than a second and then boom lights out! You hopefully feel the relaxation of the draw hand, forearm, shoulder, and then transfer that hold to the back muscles and off those arrows go to the races. Ya know this little drill can tell a lot about an archer from their bow heeling tendency to stabilizer weight and bow balance issues.

17.1 is a 2 part shooting challenge detailed below. The goal of getting everyone some shut eye at full draw is just to either expose shooters who have never done it and reinforce positive training methods to those who have mean while adding a scoring flare to it.

The 17.1 Shooting Challenge is a two part challenge at 10 yards and 20 yards with a max of 100 points earned. However you must shoot part 1 and have it scored prior to shooting part 2. You can earn a max of 100 points by completing as many of these rounds as necessary.

Time: 3/1/17-3/31/17

Max Points: 100 (Once you hot 100+ your 17.1 experience is over)

Classes: Bowhunter / Open / Traditional / Youth

Targets: 3 Spot and NiceTargets Turkey – Click here to buy 17 pack!


10-9-8-7-6 on 3 spot

10-8-5 for Bowhunter on turkey

8-5-3 for Open on turkey

Traditional – 20 yards 8 Ring = 10 and   5 Ring = 8

Youth – Elementary 3-5th grade 1o yards

Middle school 5-6th grade 15 yards

Highschool 7-12th grade 20 yards

nt3spotPart 1: 10 Yard Blind Bale

  • 10 yards with distance verification
  • Make sure camera shows your eyes are closed during all shots and then pans to target to score arrows
  • Arrows to be scored 10,9,8,7,6
  • Must use a NiceTargets 3 spot or single spot or any other valid 3 spot target



Part 2: 20 Yard Turkey

  • Must complete 1 round of part 1 before shooting part 2
  • Distance verification is necessary via range finder or tape measure
  • Make sure shooter and target are in CAMERA FRAME AT ALL TIMES from arrow 1 through scoring
  • Arrows to be scored 10,8,5 (NiceTargets turkey target must be used)

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Dynamic Custom Strings Giveaway:

  • Must complete at least one round of part 1 and part 2 of 17.1 by 3/15/17
  • All competitors who have valid scores for each part will be entered to win strings in a random drawing

Sample Scoring: Bowhunter Class

Round 1 – Part 1 Blind bale (Class does not matter)

10-10-8 Total 28

Round 1 – Part  2 Turkey Shot

10-8-8 Total 26

*Competitor entered into DCS give away

Round 2 – Turkey -Total 25

Round 3 – Turkey – Total 25

Total Points – 104 (100 documented on scoreboard)