Race to 150 Vegas Bonus Points Starts 1/5/17

NiceTargets has so graciously stepped up to the plate and is offering 3 targets of shooters choice to the winning team to get to a total of 150 total points by shooting the Vegas Bonus Challenge.
Shooting with urgency and pressure never felt so rewarding. But the kicker is that minimum of 5 members per team must submit videos and each competitor only get three scoreable videos to submit. So if a shooter shoots 3 ends on video and only scores 1 end by hitting the X, they can continue to shoot until they score on 3 total scoreable ends. Complicated I know but its designed to put shooters under stress and shoot with urgency.
Not to mention the Vegas Bonus Challenge gives team points of +50 for open class and +75 for bowhunter class for a completed 30 round. By the time a team member is done with this they will be so close to earning points as it is the challenge just keeps going. See what I did there, I know…..it rocks 😉
Goodluck everyone!
Vegas Bonus NiceTargets Giveaway – Race to 150 Vegas Bonus Points
– Video submissions accepted 1/5/17
-minimum of 5 team members must submit videos (scoring rounds not necessary)
– distance and target verifications necessary
– each team member can submit 3 total scoreable ends
*Tag NiceTargets on Live feed and videos
*Remember after a completed 300 round or 10 ends for a shooter you earn points for your team of +50 for Open and +75 for Bowhunter

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