2% For Conservation Bonus Challenge 

As 2018 competitors are registering we want to make sure you are reminded to post your 2018 valid license or tags when they are purchases! The 2% for Conservation bonus is all about our efforts away from the shooting line and treestand.
This is a significant opportunity to earn bonus points for your team! However each Team Member is limited to one points submission per month not including the one time 2%FC membership. There will be no back dating and this challenge starts effective 1/1/18 for those who obtained their 2% memberships already and runs remainder of competition!
Points Explained:

+5 – Organization / Non-profit membership that specifically identified as a contributor to conservation (1 submission)

 +10 for confirmation of reporting harvested game to state wildlife agency  

+10 – 2%FC membership (1 submission)

+10 – 20182019 Valid Hunting License/Tags (1 submission)

+15 – volunteer time (see validation requirements – 1 per year)

+25 – Volunteer time Live feed – (see validation requirements – 1 per year)
There will be a certain amount for points for getting a 2% for Conservation Free Membership, volunteer work, donations, and other outdoor/conservation related acitivites.
+10 – 2% For Conservation Membership (its free 😉) JOIN HERE 
+10 – 2017/2018 Valid Hunting license, tags, or documentation you are a legal Hunter and by doing so shows proof of contributions to conservation.
+15 – Proof of Volunteerism – 1 per year (i.e. Volunteer Archery club, volunteer youth archery/outdoor events , Hunter education)
Validation requirements:

⚠️description of duties and how it relates to outdoors, archery, conservation

⚠️pics or video of you doing the specific volunteer act

⚠️screen shot of FB event page, flyer, email, registration confirmation, ect
– OR –
+25 – LIVE FEED Volunteer video

⚠️video announcing event, location, and details of volunteer work. Still must post proof of event with date and describe volunteer act.
If you do not belong to a conservation oriented non-profit or haven’t volunteered some hours with in the outdoors, I reccomend finding a way to committ 1% of your time as soon as possible!
Directly From 2% For Conservation Website: http://www.fishandwildlife.org/individual-certification/

Are you just a hunter or an angler? Or are you a True Conservationist?
Buying licenses, stamps and tags to legally hunt or fish in America is an essential and necessary means to supporting wildlife conservation. However, you must do more to conserve fish, wildlife and their habitat to ensure the future of hunting and fishing for future generations.
You must get involved. True conservationists go above and beyond. They dedicate their time and contribute their money to fish and wildlife.
Do you volunteer at least 1% of your time to Conservation?

(~2,080 work hours/year = ~21 hours of volunteer time)
Do you contribute at least 1% of your money to Conservation?

(i.e., $50,000 annual income *0.01 = $500)

(i.e, $90 of annual membership(s) to conservation groups + $200 of raffle tickets at banquets + $150 of product from 2% Member Companies + $60 of silent auction items at banquets = $500 contributed to conservation)