TEAM APA Crowned #1 In The World!

There is no other measure of competition that can crown #1 in the world. OAC encompasses so much more then who can hit the X more times. When you bring a team of people together from Australia, Scotland, Canada, and the US and give them a platform to work together as a team and pursue a sport that they love in multiple facets some wonderful moments are created.

Team APA from a hunting, competitive, and conservation standpoint was amazingly represented across the globe. They will be hard to beat in 2017 but competition is stiff and rosters are full of hungry and motivated archers from multiple companies and organizations.

The benchmark as been set high and likely due to rule changes Team APA may hold the highest team score record for a long time if not forever with 4273.5 and an astonishing number of harvested animals at well over 1000 during the course of the year.

Good luck in 2017 Team APA and thank you for your dedication to OAC, Conservation, and the Archery Industry as a whole!