16.6 One Shot One Chance Shooting Challenge Starts Today

The last shooting challenge before many of our 2016 hunting season begin will be 5 separate videos at 5 separate distances. All rules on distance verification remain the same. The only think is you get one shot and one chance to make it count.  The idea for this challenge was not just to test your confidence and ability to step up to the plate but also paralells the concept behind Catch – A – Dream Foundation that provides hunting and outdoor opportunities for kids with terminal illness. The kids may only have that One Shot or One Chance to get the hunt of a lifetime and the foundation needs your help to make sure they can continue to provide these opportunities for kids just like yours or mine.
Distances: 20-25-30-35-40 Must be verified
+10 – 10 Ring
+8 – 8 Ring
+5 – 5 Ring
+10 – Attempt
+20 – Live Feed On Personal Page
+25 – Donation points. Proof (screen shot) of any donation made to CAD will award points for your team.
+50 If you complete all 5 distance attempts
Target – Any 3D or NiceTarget that has three scoring areas including two smaller vital areas. Smaller rings do not have value. PM me if you have target questions!
Scoring procedure: You must call your shot on camera. If you call 10 at 40 yard attempt and hit 8, you go ONLY ATTEMPT POINTS. If you did it on Live feed you get those points also.
Also, any donation made to @CatchADream Foundation will be the designated as 20 points effective 8/2/16. Donate here –> http://www.catchadream.org/how-to-help/donate/
This is your final shooting challenge in preparation for 2016 hunting seasons. Good luck!

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