18.5 Call Your Shot Challenge

Before some August and September hunting seasons begin will put the pressure on, 5 separate videos at 5 separate distances. All rules on distance verification remain the same. The only thing is you get one shot and one chance to make it count.
Distances: 20-25-30-35-40 Must be verified
+10 – 10 Ring
+8 – 8 Ring
+5 – 5 Ring
+10 – Attempt
+10 – Bowhunter Bonus (Each Distance)
+20 – Successfully hitting a 10 on Live Feed
+50 If you complete all 5 distance attempts
Target – Any 3D or paper/plastic 2D target deer (whitetail/mule deer, medium to large animal – No elk, caribou ) that has three scoring areas including two smaller vital areas. Smaller rings do not have value. PM me if you have target questions!
Scoring procedure: You must call your shot on camera. If you call 10 at 40 yard attempt and hit 8, you go ONLY ATTEMPT POINTS. If you call an 8 , and hit a ten, you get an 8. It’s about building self confidence in your shot.